President Message


Dear friends,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you in cyber space on the re-launch of this improved version of AITWA website, which will provide valuable information and data to the road transport fraternity of India. It will be our endeavour to update the site periodically to make it most useful to the industry. Moreover, we shall try to formulate the site in a manner that is truly an interactive platform, whereby the road transport fraternity may communicate in real time. Besides trade related information, we shall be propagating messages of road safety, green transport and CSR values through this revolutionary medium. Moreover, in view of acute driver shortage in the industry, we intend to introduce skill development modules of high quality audio visuals similarto virtual training for the drivers. We are also considering creation of an online recruitment platform for drivers and other transport workers, which will be immensely useful for the road transport industry. Finally, I would emphasize that any trade website is an evolving platform where birds of same feather may flock and tweet together; hence I would appeal to my brethren in the profession to suggest ways and means for making this site one of the most useful in the industry. Till then, happy surfing!

Pradeep Singal